All of You

A song I wrote recently:



You said all I have to do is seek

And I will find.

You said all I have to do is look

To not be blind.

You said all I have to do is ask

And I’ll receive

Everything that I could ever want or need.




All of my heart

Wants all of your heart,

And all of my soul

Wants all of your soul,

And all of my mind

Wants only to find

All of You.



So fill me up, Lord, fill me up.

Fill all that is empty.

Fill me up, Lord, fill me up,

And leave no room for me.


Here at Your Feet

A song I wrote recently.




Here before the throne,

I bow down.

Here before the king,

I lay my crowns.

I’m longing just to be

In the presence of your glory,

My endless Hallelujah ever raised!



And here at your feet,

All the angels dance around your throne,

And here at your feet,

I cry, “Holy, you are God alone!”

And here at your feet,

I lose myself and all I know

Is that where I want to be

For all eternity

Is bowed before the throne

Here at your feet.


(Repeat verse and chorus)



I cry, “Holy, holy, holy

Is the Lord God Almighty!”

As smoke fills this place

And the ground begins to shake

And all creation worships at your throne!


(Chorus twice)

Break Me Down

I was talking with some coworkers tonight and was reminded of a poem I wrote back in July of 2010. In my search to find it, I was also reminded of this blog. I figured I would go ahead and post it. Enjoy 🙂

Lord, take from me all that I have.

Leave me with empty hands.

Place me where I can’t go on;

Where I feel I can’t withstand.

Break me down,

And build you up.

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Sinking in Grace

Drowning in Grace

“If grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking.”

This has never felt so real.

I have understood Your patience,

And I have understood Your peace.

I have feared Your power,

And I have been lead by Your watchful, loving eyes.

Grace, however, has always been a shallow pool

Where I have sat, wanting.

“What is grace really?

I know it’s the cross.

I know it’s You taking the punishment for my sins.

My head knows, but not my heart.”

How can I swim in that?

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