This Version of You

There is a version of you that I understand

At least in some small human way.

I can look at you and see a king on a throne calling Isaiah to go.

I can see that you are I AM who parts seas and rescues nations.

I know that you have the power to bring children to the barren,

To raise the dead back to life, and to see into the heart of man.

You have command over all the creatures on earth,

You have authority over all the stars in the sky,

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I Want to Fall in Love with You

I want to fall in love with you!

I want to dance like couples do!

I feel my feet come off the ground.

You lift me, spin me all around!


I want to fall in love with you,

To feel you hold me when I’m blue!

You comfort me like no friend can!

I find my strength within your hands!

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