Every Day


Lord, you rescue me every day,

And every day I fail you.

Lord, you revive me every day,

And every day I let myself die.

Lord, you seek me and find me every day,

And yet every day I run away.

Lord, you try to teach me every day,

And every day I ignore your truth.

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You Are

You Are Pic

You are Alpha God Creator that nothing came before!

You are perfect holy righteousness, my only Sovereign Lord!


You are my sweetly loving father and you sit me on your lap!

You are my gently caring shepherd leading me unto your path!


All your ways are perfect, Lord, and all your ways are good!

Your love is boundless and eternal! You love like no man could!

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Hope in the Promise

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful.

Hebrews 10:23

There is a couple I am friends with from my church who have been anxiously and excitedly awaiting the birth of their first child, a little girl. I have watched the past nine months as they have prepared for her birth: naming her, setting up the nursery, buying clothing, choosing God-parents, making decisions on parenting styles, etc. The last nine months have all been a preparation time for the end prize, a daughter (who should be born any day now!). One of the most beautiful parts of this entire time of preparation for me has been seeing how excited they are to meet their little girl. This morning while thinking about them, God began asking me, “Are you this excited to see me one day? Have you been using your time to prepare? What are you doing to be ready for my return?”

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When I Look at the Stars

Have you ever gone outside at night and looked at the sky? I don’t mean just glance up and notice a few stars and the moon and then quit. I mean have you ever REALLY looked at the night sky? A few times each week, I go on a walk around my neighborhood, and I always go in the evening right after it has gotten dark. This is partly to stay in shape, partly to get rid of some energy before I start getting ready for bed, and partly because it really gives me the chance to look at the night sky, and in doing so, to look at God. I have heard many Christians tell me why they love the stars and how it leads them to worship, and tonight, I want to share my own reason for finding them so absolutely amazing!

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