This Version of You

There is a version of you that I understand

At least in some small human way.

I can look at you and see a king on a throne calling Isaiah to go.

I can see that you are I AM who parts seas and rescues nations.

I know that you have the power to bring children to the barren,

To raise the dead back to life, and to see into the heart of man.

You have command over all the creatures on earth,

You have authority over all the stars in the sky,

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With Every Breath

With every breath I know that God is alive. With every breath I know I’m not alone. With every breath I know I’m here for a purpose greater than myself. So no matter what surrounds me or how lost I may feel sometimes, as I breathe I hope. –Kathleen Sharpe


With every breath, I know that God’s alive.

I see him in the little things:

A bird’s song, a warm day, a smile from a friend.

God is in it all!

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Because You are Worthy

Because you are worthy, I will try everyday

To learn from your words and reflect all your ways!

You will sanctify me, and I will refuse to stay

The same as before. Wash the old me away!


Because you are worthy, I will love those you love.

I will try to show patience that reflects yours above.

Instead of worry, I’ll have peace like a dove.

I’ll work hard to be one you will be proud of!

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