Break Me Down

I was talking with some coworkers tonight and was reminded of a poem I wrote back in July of 2010. In my search to find it, I was also reminded of this blog. I figured I would go ahead and post it. Enjoy 🙂

Lord, take from me all that I have.

Leave me with empty hands.

Place me where I can’t go on;

Where I feel I can’t withstand.

Break me down,

And build you up.

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Quiet Time: MIA

Take a moment and think about your best friend in the entire world. The person you talk to everyday, the person you tell everything to, the one person who can cheer up your day faster than anyone, the person who you tell every detail about your life to and vice versa.


Now imagine you don’t hear from them for a day. No big problem! Sure, you are a little bummed, but you can get over it. Make that two or three days. Or how about a week? A month? Your friend is officially MIA (missing in action)! During the time the two of you aren’t talking, you aren’t sharing life together, aren’t learning from each other, and aren’t growing together, in fact, you are growing apart. During this time there can be doubt. Did I do something wrong? Is my friend mad? Maybe they never liked me that much to begin with and got tired of pretending? Your mind can play terrible tricks on you as the days go by. When you finally do get to talk to this person again, it can be strained and awkward. You have to play catch up, missing out on details and sometimes important events that occurred when you weren’t speaking. Eventually things can get back to normal, but it doesn’t erase all the hurt and doubt that can come when you think you are being ignored by someone whom you care for.

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The Answer

You are amazing, so faithful to me!

I asked for a path; you placed one at my feet!

You gave me the first step towards making things right!

You heard my cry, and you answered tonight!


With you leading me, I answered your call.

I did what you asked, though my faith was so small.

You used that small faith to unlock my heart!

You broke down my defense; you tore it apart!

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