Sinking in Grace

Drowning in Grace

“If grace is an ocean, we’re all sinking.”

This has never felt so real.

I have understood Your patience,

And I have understood Your peace.

I have feared Your power,

And I have been lead by Your watchful, loving eyes.

Grace, however, has always been a shallow pool

Where I have sat, wanting.

“What is grace really?

I know it’s the cross.

I know it’s You taking the punishment for my sins.

My head knows, but not my heart.”

How can I swim in that?

Oh, but Lord, how You have shown me!

Grace is me, broken, worthless,

Burdened by shame,

Not good enough,

Constantly failing,

Locked in a bondage that I cannot escape.

Grace is You seeing me in my filthy prison rags

And seeing someone beautiful.

It is You, running towards me with open arms

And begging for me to embrace You.

It is Your heart breaking over my brokenness

And knowing that our relationship is shattered.

Grace is me crying out for help, for refuge,

And giving You my all.

It’s my every bone accepting that I am nothing,

Less than nothing,

And I need You to be everything through me.

It is a total surrender of all that I am and all I ever will be.

It is anguished and terrified because I know how undeserving I am

To receive what I ask for.

Grace is Your love rejoicing over my surrender.

It is You saying, “Yes, my child!

This is all I have ever wanted!

Let me have a relationship with you!”

It is You knowing that a relationship was impossible because of my sins

And becoming man,

Taking on flesh,

Walking a mile in my shoes so that You can truly relate to me,

Understand me,

Counsel me.

It is You taking on every sin that I have and ever will commit

And putting it on Your son so that I can be free to be Yours.

It is You, tortured, beaten, stripped of

Clothing, dignity, title, and then life

All because You love me.

All because You want a relationship with me.

All because I am Your child.

If your grace is an ocean,

Here I am sinking!


2 comments on “Sinking in Grace

  1. Amen.
    God is love, therefore Grace cannot be more than Love.
    The Deep Deep Love of Jesus


  2. Anonymous says:

    Amazing! thank you


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