You Are

You Are Pic

You are Alpha God Creator that nothing came before!

You are perfect holy righteousness, my only Sovereign Lord!


You are my sweetly loving father and you sit me on your lap!

You are my gently caring shepherd leading me unto your path!


All your ways are perfect, Lord, and all your ways are good!

Your love is boundless and eternal! You love like no man could!

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“Have you ever thought about what Lord means? We sometimes think of it as another name for God, but it’s actually a title. It refers to a master, owner, or a person who is in a position of authority. So take a minute to think this through: Do you really believe that He is your owner- that you actually belong to him?” -Francis Chan in “Multiply”


I come to you, and I call you Lord.

That’s the name you have written on my heart.

Others jump to God, Father, King,

But to me you are always Lord.

Why have you identified yourself this way to me?

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