Here at Your Feet

A song I wrote recently.




Here before the throne,

I bow down.

Here before the king,

I lay my crowns.

I’m longing just to be

In the presence of your glory,

My endless Hallelujah ever raised!



And here at your feet,

All the angels dance around your throne,

And here at your feet,

I cry, “Holy, you are God alone!”

And here at your feet,

I lose myself and all I know

Is that where I want to be

For all eternity

Is bowed before the throne

Here at your feet.


(Repeat verse and chorus)



I cry, “Holy, holy, holy

Is the Lord God Almighty!”

As smoke fills this place

And the ground begins to shake

And all creation worships at your throne!


(Chorus twice)


Flashback at the Fair

Tonight I went to the county fair with my family, and I spent the evening with my younger brother while my parents enjoyed a nice date night. We spent the night eating funnel cakes, being spun in countless circles, and, of course, people watching. Among all the noise, lights, and craziness, God was able to stop me in my tracks and really grab a hold of my heart in the way that only He can!

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