When I Look at the Stars

Have you ever gone outside at night and looked at the sky? I don’t mean just glance up and notice a few stars and the moon and then quit. I mean have you ever REALLY looked at the night sky? A few times each week, I go on a walk around my neighborhood, and I always go in the evening right after it has gotten dark. This is partly to stay in shape, partly to get rid of some energy before I start getting ready for bed, and partly because it really gives me the chance to look at the night sky, and in doing so, to look at God. I have heard many Christians tell me why they love the stars and how it leads them to worship, and tonight, I want to share my own reason for finding them so absolutely amazing!

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The Promise Restored

Six times in the book of Judges

Israel became mundane.

They forgot your power and turned their backs.

They no longer praised your name.

Six times you saw their failure

And reminded them you’re God.

You justly ruled and punished them

By the power of your rod.

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With Every Breath

With every breath I know that God is alive. With every breath I know I’m not alone. With every breath I know I’m here for a purpose greater than myself. So no matter what surrounds me or how lost I may feel sometimes, as I breathe I hope. –Kathleen Sharpe


With every breath, I know that God’s alive.

I see him in the little things:

A bird’s song, a warm day, a smile from a friend.

God is in it all!

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Praise in My Weakness

My family and I have been sick the past couple days, and it has left me feeling very weak and without energy. This poem is compiled of several Bible verses (reworded of course to fit the poem), as well as some of my own declarations of praise to the God who is with us in our weakness!


Lord, you give strength to the drained, and you increase the power of the weak!

When my will is gone and my flesh gives out, yours is the face I will seek!

When my soul is tired and weary with sorrow, your Word will be my light!

You are my Father who guides me always, ensuring that I am alright.

You are my shepherd and I am your sheep! You will not lead me astray!

When I am lost on the path, and I can’t carry on, You guide me, show me the way!

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Because You are Worthy

Because you are worthy, I will try everyday

To learn from your words and reflect all your ways!

You will sanctify me, and I will refuse to stay

The same as before. Wash the old me away!


Because you are worthy, I will love those you love.

I will try to show patience that reflects yours above.

Instead of worry, I’ll have peace like a dove.

I’ll work hard to be one you will be proud of!

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