You Are

You Are Pic

You are Alpha God Creator that nothing came before!

You are perfect holy righteousness, my only Sovereign Lord!


You are my sweetly loving father and you sit me on your lap!

You are my gently caring shepherd leading me unto your path!


All your ways are perfect, Lord, and all your ways are good!

Your love is boundless and eternal! You love like no man could!


You are grace that falls like sweetest rain and hope that flows like springs!

You are majesty beyond all comprehension and more beautiful than I can dream!


You sit upon your throne of praise and the nations know

That you are the great Emmanuel from whom all blessings flow!


Your love is so great and so divine that you left your heavenly place.

You came to earth and died for me so I could one day see your face!


You became my servant and lifted me! You gave your life, gave everything!

What could my heart ever do but lift you up as king!


I can’t wait to sing your praise eternal, to worship all my days!

Hallelujah to my God forever and always!



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