When I Look at the Stars

Have you ever gone outside at night and looked at the sky? I don’t mean just glance up and notice a few stars and the moon and then quit. I mean have you ever REALLY looked at the night sky? A few times each week, I go on a walk around my neighborhood, and I always go in the evening right after it has gotten dark. This is partly to stay in shape, partly to get rid of some energy before I start getting ready for bed, and partly because it really gives me the chance to look at the night sky, and in doing so, to look at God. I have heard many Christians tell me why they love the stars and how it leads them to worship, and tonight, I want to share my own reason for finding them so absolutely amazing!

You see, stars are actually pretty huge! They are billions of miles wide and they shine so brightly that we can see them from light years away! And you thought the flash light on your iPhone was bright! Stars are literally bigger than our minds can physically conceive. We simply cannot actually think that huge! When I remember this, it blows me away. It is easy to not see the stars as being so large, however. When we look up, all we can see are blurry little dots that are sometimes so small that we have to focus hard to even make one out. We are so far away from them that we can only really see a small fragment of their brilliance.

God is the same way! God is more than we could ever possibly fathom! His glory is unthinkable! His worth is unknowable! His majesty far exceeds anything that ever was or ever will be! In simple words, God is huge! We cannot see God this way, though. We are so far separated from Him by our sin, that the most we can ever hope to see while alive is just a small little dot of His majesty. You could take the one person on earth who understands God’s brilliance the most, and still, all they would see is a tiny dot compared to the actual magnitude of God’s being! WHAT A MARVOLOUS GOD WE HAVE!!!

The best part is: it doesn’t end there! God sees us as being so far apart from Him, and it breaks His heart! GOD! The huge magnificent, holy God looks at us, notices us, and loves us! It would be like a star being concerned about the well being of an ant! Even though we are so unworthy, God loves us so much that He made a way for us to not only fully understand Him after death, but for us to be WITH HIM! He sent His son, Jesus, down to earth, and Jesus showed ultimate humility by:

1. Leaving all that glory and majesty

2. Becoming a man

3. Serving men as if we were better than him

4. Submitting to death, something He has power over and

5. Submitting to death on a cross, a death that was degrading even for the worse criminals

(Read Phil. 2! This list is right there!)

He didn’t die on the cross to show us how great he thought we were. In fact, he died because of how totally unworthy we are! We can’t see the stars clearly because they are so far away. We can’t see God clearly because our sin forms such an enormous divide between us and God that nothing we can do on our own can allow us over it. That sin, even if it is just one, makes us unworthy to come anywhere near the throne of God. It separates us so far that even having a concept of God is a gift from him. The punishment for that sin is our spiritual death, an eternity without God, an eternity in hell. BUT GOD LOVES US! Jesus died on that cross for us! He died to take the punishment for us! God came down in the form of man and died so that the cosmically huge gap between us could be eliminated! That kind of love is AMAZING! God, who is so holy and magnificent that no minds can even come CLOSE to understanding made himself less than the least, and he did it all because he loves someone as small and insignificant as you and me! THAT is love! After Jesus died on the cross, he defeated death and he rose again! For everyone who believes in him and is willing to totally SURRENDER themselves to Him, the gap is gone! As humans, we are still living in a world of sin, but if we are truly His then when we die the great divide will no longer hold us back from Him! We will be at the throne forever praising His name! We will finally be able to see His glory!

That is why I love the stars! It reminds me how far I am from God, how truly magnificent He is, how small I am, and how far His love stretched to bring me back to Him! The stars remind me of the Gospel! The stars remind me how truly blessed and loved I am by the God who is immeasurable more than I can ever even begin to fathom! All I can say to that is wow!

How do the stars remind you of God? What else in creation allows you to see a clearer picture of the gospel? I would LOVE to hear from you in the comments section!


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