The Promise Restored

Six times in the book of Judges

Israel became mundane.

They forgot your power and turned their backs.

They no longer praised your name.

Six times you saw their failure

And reminded them you’re God.

You justly ruled and punished them

By the power of your rod.

So six times their eyes were opened,

And for them, sin was abhorred.

They turned to you, and you forgave.

And the promise was restored.


Years later, I read these words,

And I can’t help but make connection

Between their failures and my own.

We both show you rejection.

But every time, you break me down

And remind me why I’m here!

I call your name and confess my sins,

And you draw me, hold me near!

Despite my flaws, I hold grand hope

For I have a promise, too!

One day you will come again,

And all will be made new!




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