Praise in My Weakness

My family and I have been sick the past couple days, and it has left me feeling very weak and without energy. This poem is compiled of several Bible verses (reworded of course to fit the poem), as well as some of my own declarations of praise to the God who is with us in our weakness!


Lord, you give strength to the drained, and you increase the power of the weak!

When my will is gone and my flesh gives out, yours is the face I will seek!

When my soul is tired and weary with sorrow, your Word will be my light!

You are my Father who guides me always, ensuring that I am alright.

You are my shepherd and I am your sheep! You will not lead me astray!

When I am lost on the path, and I can’t carry on, You guide me, show me the way!

You lead me back home and you lay me down in pastures of perfect green!

You guide me gently with your love to your everlasting stream!

Those who put their hope in you, their strength will be made new!

They will soar on wings like eagles, ever praising you!

When it takes all of me to take a step, you do not leave me there!

You let me run and not grow weary! My God, you always care!

Lord, you surely are my help! You sustain in every way!

Every night I lay down to sleep, and you wake me up each day!

When I thirst and cry for my soul runs dry, you overflow my glass!

You welcome me into your house for all days that shall pass!

When my flesh is weak and fails you, Lord, Your grace holds sufficiency!

Your power is made perfect in my weakness! Of this I boast and sing!

And in my want, I need not fear, for you care for the birds, each one!

My God will supply every one of my needs according to His riches in the Son!

Though I am only human, and my flesh and my bones, they falter,

You, Oh Lord, are my Rock and my refuge, the only name on my alter!

You are my shield, my stronghold, my salvation! My fortress in times of distress!

I call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised! I stand in His great righteousness!

Lord, you are faithful, you uphold me in love! I shall not be fearful or dismayed!

Behold, You are faithful and with me always, even to the end of the age!


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