The Gospel Part 1-The Fall of Man

From the very beginning of time

Your words flowed like wine

And everything good came from you!

You were the vine,

And you knew

That you would create a garden where luscious plants grew,

And you would create a man, and a woman, too.

You would say it was good;

You would say it was right.

You would look down in love every day and each night-

But good wasn’t good enough for man,

And a serpent deceived your created woman,

Then she held out her hand,

And she rewrote the plan,

And she died.

No, she didn’t drop dead as a corpse with no breath,

And her heart was still beating inside of her chest.

To human eyes, she was alive, at her best,

But she was dead.

She sinned against you, the perfect father,

And the farther she went, it just became harder

For her to live in the way that you had called her.

Adam ate, too, and he died just the same.

They both made the choice and had no one to blame.

What was perfect could not with imperfection remain,

And Adam and Eve earned their fame for the Fall of Man.


*This is only part one, and it will probably change and be added to quite a bit before I post the finished copy. I am planning on it eventually being a spoken word. I will be posting each time I finish another section 😀


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