You are my Jehovah Jireh!

The Lord, my God, my soul provider!

You see my needs before they come!

You fill my cup to over run!

All I need, You freely give!

You are all I need to live!

You are my Jehovah Nissi,

The banner that I run to swiftly!

You keep me, wrap me in Your love!

You protect me from Your throne above!

I have no fears! I am not scared!

My banner keeps me everywhere!


You are my Jehovah Shammah!

You’re very being fills me with awe!

You’re the omnipresent, sovereign king,

God, my Father, who made all things!

Your majesty will reign all days!

My God is perfect in all His ways!


You are my Jehovah Shalom!

The peace I need when chaos roams!

When overwhelmed, You hold me tight!

You calm my heart throughout the night!

When anxious thoughts are on their way

I think of You and peace remains!


You are my Jehovah Sabbath!

Praising You is the favorite habit

Of all the angels Heaven boasts!

You are master, Lord of Hosts!

All of Heaven sings to show

That you are God of us below!


You’re my Jehovah Tsid Kenu

Righteous, Lord, in all you do!

The highest judge, You rule above

Yet withhold judgment with Your love!

All Your ways are perfect, pure!

None can match You! Lord, I’m sure!


You are my Jehovah Raah!

My Sheppard leads me through it all!

Before my eyes, you lay a path

And keep my feet from thorny traps!

You lead me to Your river bed!

You give me grass to lay my head!


You are my Jehovah Rophi!

You heal my mind, my soul, my body!

When evil or sickness comes my way,

You cleanse me, wash me, rid my stains!

And when this vessel is no more

You’ll heal my soul forevermore!


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