Round Two!

I’m back! For the past few months, I have neglected to post anything to this blog for several reasons, three of which being the main causes. Firstly, I was out of the country for two months and could not access the material on this page. Secondly, I ran into an issue that anyone in the creative world, especially in regards to worship, is sure to be familiar with. I lost my focus. I knew that I had readers, and I wanted to do my best to please them. I started writing poems with the intent of writing a good poem instead of simply praising God with the gift He gave me. Because my motivation for writing was selfish and prideful, my work suffered. This time, I plan to stay more focused on my true purpose for the blog: to share what God is doing in my life with those He leads to my blog. The third reason I stopped posting actually will impact how the rest of my blog is run. Most of what God shows me and teaches me is just too big or complex to work into a poem. Usually my poetry is more of a response to what He is doing than a description. This time around, I want to post some journal type pieces in with my poetry. When God shows me something amazing, does something incredible in my life, or makes Himself known to me in a new way, I want to be able to share that along with my poetic response to it!

For those of you who are still following, I thank you, and I promise that I will do better at posting regularly! God bless!


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