The Fight with my Pride

Lord, all of my days are held in your hands.

You are so much bigger than what this life demands.

Yet I forget you, ignore you, push you aside,

And try to do everything alone with my pride.

In all that I do, God, I try to please thee,

But how can I do this if I focus on me?

I struggle, I fight it, I promise to change,

I call out to you and rely on your name.

I humble myself and trust you with my life,

But I see myself do this, and it fills me with pride.

I ask you to lead me, show me what to do,

But Lord, when you show me, I steal the credit from you.

Each day I’m working to just stay afloat

When if only I trusted you, you’d provide me a boat,

Or even more so, you would calm all my seas

And allow me to walk on the waves like the breeze.

God, I know that I need you, and I need less of me, too.

Please keep me focused and humbled to you.


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