Lord, even when I can’t understand it,

You are good.

When it seems like the most impossible thing in the world,

You are good.

When I doubt it so long that I doubt you, still

You are good.

When my mind over thinks and confuses my heart

You are good, so good.

Lord, even when you break my heart

You love.

When it seems like you don’t even care,

You love.

When I can’t understand it, and I just can’t believe it,

You love.

When I deserve punishment for my lack of faith, instead

You love, You are love.


Lord, when I doubt your power,

You are enough.

When I don’t understand your ways

You are enough.

When you empty me completely and I worry I will never be filled again

You are enough.

When I need something strong to hold me

You are enough.

When I look at the world and I am discouraged beyond function

You are enough, more than enough.


Lord, right now I am all of these things.

I need your goodness.

I need your love.

I need to know that you are enough.


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