The Answer

You are amazing, so faithful to me!

I asked for a path; you placed one at my feet!

You gave me the first step towards making things right!

You heard my cry, and you answered tonight!


With you leading me, I answered your call.

I did what you asked, though my faith was so small.

You used that small faith to unlock my heart!

You broke down my defense; you tore it apart!

I finally see the lost and their sin!

I see the world through your eyes again!

It hurts! It’s beautiful! It tears me apart!

It is the wonderful gift of you breaking my heart!


I’ve reached a new step, and I still need your grace.

I need you to help me, to show them your ways.

Use me, speak through me! This vessel is yours!

Move me to reach the ones you adore!


This journey’s not ending, no it’s far from the close.

Keep my flame burning ‘till everyone knows

That the affection inside me comes from above,

And it’s only a fraction of your magnificent love!


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