Throwing Away the Idols

Christ-like and Christ aren’t the same.

Godly is not a substitute for God.

My brain knows this, yet somehow I                                     keep

Forgetting to remind my heart.

I look up to people who reflect God,

Try to be like them,

Try to imitate them,

But am I looking at God?

Why has it become                                                                    my

Habit to replace God with godly people?

Is it because they are flawed?

It is because I can relate?

This must stop!

Anything that draws my                                                           heart

Closer to God is good, right?

Not when it replaces Him.

I have made idols of the people around me.

I have lied to myself,

Told myself that if I                                                                    focused

On being more like those around me,

I no longer need to focus on God.

I am quick to forget that it is God in them

That I am so attracted to!

Why do I continue to put man                                                   on

A pedestal?

My God is the king of everything!

My God is the perfect creator!

He knows all and sees all!

No idol can boast that!

Lord, keep my heart bowed only to                                          you!


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