A Fire in My Bones


My flame burned so bright that it banished the night,

And the light lit the path of my life.

The flame that was born in me flickered and warmed the scene

Forcing my bones to ignite!

Bones, tongue sang, sung.

Salvation caused them to sing,

And proclaim to the lame that Jesus came.

Christ was crucified but He conquered as king!


Fear came one morning, and caused mourning in me.

The burning of the fire was dimmed.

His word was shut in my bones. They shook and they moaned.

Agony nagged at me and attacked from within.



Fire fought, fired shots, tried to stop the fear, but could not.

Waging war and not winning made me weary.

The fear fought back. It waged an attack.

It did it’s best to cripple me.


My world grew dry, grew dreary, became eerie,

And I was the baron where the barren resides.

My bones could not stand it. They demanded I share it-

What fear commanded I kept safely inside.


Body contorted and bowed, I concluded that bones

Are too weak to be used as a prison.

God’s name overcame, and His word could be heard

As the flame underwent new ignition.


His words speak, we drink sweet as the living water flows

Freely though the heart that’s free, repairing dried up bones.

Our praises make His kingly crown, our worship makes his throne.

Those who have Him dwell inside, can’t help but make known!


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